PVc-QuestionsI’m a long time user and fan of Rockwell’s HMI’s, going all the way back to the original PanelView (1200) and beyond.

So whenever I hear that a new Allen-Bradley PanelView is coming, I can’t help but want to know more.

In the case of the PanelView 800, while I’ve heard some rumors it was in development, it wasn’t until last week that I found anything mentioned about it publically.

The PanelView 800: Coming to Automation Fair 2014

The rumors I heard also mentioned the product would be introduced at AF2014, and would begin shipping shortly there after.

So when I noticed the Automation Fair Pre-Show Program was out, I searched though it for any news. What I found is, Rockwell is indeed showcasing the PV800 at this year’s Automation Fair.

Beyond the show flow, the PanelView 800 will also be showcased in a sixty minute in-depth technical presentation (session T29)

What we know so far:

Based on the description of that session, the following is what we know so far.

  • The new PanelViewTM 800 HMI is being designed and marketed for use with the Micro800 and MicroLogix family of Allen-Bradley programmable controllers.
  • The PanelViewTM 800 is also said to offer improved CPU performance with a faster boot time and improved responsiveness. But improved over what is not stated. If I had to guess, I would say the comparison is being made to the PanelView Component, as that product seems to be the most likely one replaced with a new low cost A-B HMI.
  • PVc-10-6-4-QuestionsThe PV800 comes in three screen sizes: 4″, 7″ and 10″
  • It also has better screen resolution. Again, I’m assuming it’s better resolution over a similarly sized PanelView Component model.
  • It programs with the same software as the PanelView Component HMI, Connected Components Workbench. This seems to imply it also shares the same editor as the PVc family, but that detail is not specified. Also not mentioned is which version of CCW will be compatible with the PV800. Possibly a new version, mabe v7?
  •  Lastly, the guide also mentions enhanced features of the PV800. These include a portrait mode, enhanced recipe feature, and improved symbol library.

Well, that’s all we know right now about the Allen-Bradley PanelView 800. If you would like to read the Automation Fair 2014 Pre-Show guide where I found this information, you can find it at www.AutomationFair.com.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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