In today’s article I’ll walk you through how to setup Data Logging and Treading in CCW, covering the basic setup and provide an example as to the capabilities of each.

PanelView 800 Family

Trends in CCW

I had worked with CCW for weeks without ever really noticing the “Trends” button at the top of the project organizer. Kind of a “can’t see the forest for the trees” kind of thing I guess, but it is right there next to “Devices”, in which I now have a PanelView 800, Micro 820 and a Powerflex 525 in my project.

Adding a Trend to the Project

Select the trend add or delete buttons shown below to add a trend to the project or remove a trend from the project.

To see the trend properties, look for this button on the right side of the trend window.

Adding Traces to the Project

Traces are the “pens” or tags that you wish to log in the trend. Click the + sign under the Traces header to begin adding Traces to the Trend.

A popup window opens and as you can see here, I have the option to browse to my Powerflex Drive or my Micro820 controller to pick from available tags to trend.

I chose to browse to the Micro820 Controller tags and select two tags from my PID controller that I created in an earlier article. Select “Add” and “Ok” to finish adding the tags.

Click on the trace to see and set the properties for a trace, as shown below.

“Sampling” & “Trigger” Properties

Under the sampling tab, you can set the sampling rate for the traces and time frame of the trend window as well as trend capture size.

Here, for the sake of testing, I set it to two minutes, so I don’t have a huge amount of data to collect. The “Trigger” of the trend can be manual, an analog value, single bit or a time to start the trend.

Trend Operation

To start/stop the trend, in manual, select the icon in the upper left corner of the trend to start or stop.

Data Logging and Capture

Trend data can be captured and exported to a CSV file or sent to a print file as shown below. Click the “Export to CSV” button to export trend data to excel.

Give the CSV file a name and click “save”

Open the CSV file in Excel to view data.


While there are many settings, properties, and configuration options to setting up a trend in CCW, it is straightforward and easy to implement.

While it looks different, it is certainly akin to trending in Studio 5000. It can definitely be a tool to use in setting up, tuning or troubleshooting a system. I hope this helps you at least know the feature is available in CCW and how to implement it.

Written by Brandon Cooper
Senior Controls Engineer and Freelance Writer

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