Sample Code – VFFS Machine video, sample code and white paper released

(Updated 11/06/2017)

On November 25th, 2013, Rockwell released a new YouTube video promoting it’s “Micro800 Solution for Intermittent VFFS” (Vertical Form, Fill and Seal.)

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I’ll include it below:

Update: Rockwell has removed their video from YouTube, however the below links to the whitepapers and sample code are still valid.

While the video does a good job explaining the unique “touch probe” feature of the Micro850, it unfortunately leaves out the best part: pre-engineered resources Rockwell has made available free of charge.

White Paper

Rockwell's Micro850 VFFS WhitePaper
Click on the above picture to view the Rockwell Micro850 VFFS white paper

After watching this video, interested parties would most likely want to find out more about this application. While the video links to the Micro800 homepage, a better link would be the white paper specifically about this application which I’ll list below:

For parties interested in a similar white paper which is not Micro850 based, see the below link:

Sample Code (and more)

The Micro850 VFFS white paper does mention the sample code and links to the Micro800 sample code directory, but a direct link to the Micro850 VFFS same code can be found below:

This Sample Code zip file contains the follow:

  • Micro850 VFFS Sample Code FilesAbove Micro850 VFFS White Paper PDF
  • Rockwell Sample Code Download Terms and Conditions PDF
  •  Intermittent VFFS machine PLC program introduction Word Document
  • VFFS Machine BOM with Micro850 Excel Spreadsheet and Proposal Works file
  • Thirty Four Wiring Diagrams in PDF and DWG formats
  • Connected Components Workbench Program including Micro850 and PanelView Component programs

If you have a chance to review the above sample code we’d love to hear what you think. Just click on the “post a comment or question” link below to leave us your feedback.

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