One of our reader's recently asked if a PanelView800 can connect to a 5380?

I did some research and here's what I found:

The latest manual as of today for the PV800 states:

“CompactLogix 5370 L1 controller is supported only in PanelView 800 terminals with firmware revision 3.011 or later.”

“CompactLogix 5370 L2 and L3 controllers are supported only in PanelView 800 terminals with firmware revision 4.012 or later. Connected Components Workbench Release 9 or later software is also required.”

Source: 2711R-UM001

And Rockwell's Knowledgebase states:

“The PanelView 800, 2711R, does not support the 5069 and 5380 series controllers.”

Source: AID 1036663

So in summary, as of today the research shows that according to Rockwell Automation's documentation, the PanelView 800 does not “officially” support the 5380, but I personally have not tried this myself to see if there is any “unofficial” support.

On the flip side, the good news is the PV800 now supports all 5370's, where as initially (from version 3.011 to 4.011) it only supported the L1.

For more information check out the community post here.


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