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The PanelView 800 was on public display at Automation Fair this year, and here's what I found out about it:

PanelView 800 Family1) The PanelView 800 will release in three sizes

The new PanelView 800 will release in three display sizes: 4, 7, and 10 inch models.

PanelView 800 10 Inch2) The PanelView 800 will have higher resolution and run faster

Refreshed and updated, the PanelView 800 sports higher resolutions, faster boot time, and overall better performance when compared with the PanelView Component.

PanelView 800 7 Inch3) The PanelView 800 will run PanelView Component projects

In the future if you need to replace a PanelView Component with a PanelView 800, the current plan is for the PV800 to support projects previously created for PVc models.

PanelView 800 7 Inch Portrait4) The PanelView 800 supports “portrait mode”

At first I was skeptical about the usefulness of this feature, even back when it debuted on the PanelView Plus 6.

But after seeing it at the fair I do see the appeal in certain applications.

PanelView 800 4 Inch5) The PanelView 800 and CCW 8 will support new features

In the technical session, Rockwell representatives discussed two enhanced features the PV800 and CCW will support: Recipes and Symbol library.

6) The PanelView 800 is designed to work with Micros

Similar to the PanelView Component, the PanelView 800 is being designed to work with the Micro800 and MicroLogix line of controllers.

Unfortunately, at this point it doesn't appear we'll be getting CompactLogix support.

PanelView 800 Fi7) The PanelView 800 should be available late Spring, 2015

Finally, at the Fair we were told by a Rockwell representatives that the PanelView 800 should be available in late Spring, 2015.

Well, that's all I learned about the PanelView 800 at Automation Fair. If you have any comments, questions, or corrections, please share them with us by filling out the “post a comment or question” link below.


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