Get TechED 2016 Lab Manuals and Presentations for FREE!

Update: Check out our updated article HERE.

If like me you didn't get to attend Rockwell Automation's TechED this year, you'll be happy to know that once again the good folks over at Rockwell have made the majority of the presentations and lab manuals available for free online.

So where are they, and how to you get them? Check out the below five steps in which I show you how to find and download them:

1) Start by visiting, which redirects you to the official Rockwell Automation TechED home page:


2) From there select “2016 Session Materials” on the right side of the page:


3) Now select “Schedule” on the left:


4) Next select a day at the top, then a session on the left, and if there are downloads for that session they will show up on the right as shown:


5) And the last step is to click on the download link at the top right of the popup window:


And that's all there is to accessing this year's Rockwell Automation TechED presentations and labs for free!

I hope you've found today's article about accessing this year's TechED labs and presentations helpful.

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