Rockwell recently released version 20 of Connected Components Workbench, and below I’ll summarize any new and enhanced features:

New and Enhanced Micro800 Features:

  • Micro800 L50E and L70E controllers are added to CCW
  • Added encryption of backup of memory module & SD card when backing up projects
  • Added support for DNP3 Slave protocol for 2080-L70E-24QWBN and 2080-L70E-24QBBN
  • Now supports Half-duplex Master, Half-duplex Slave, and Radio Modem modes for DF1 with L50E and L70E
  • The download and upload speed for Micro800 L50E and L70E controllers increased when connected via USB or Ethernet
  • Now supports filtering variables by multiple datatypes at one time

New PV800 Features:

  • Now supports highlighting objects using PanelView 800 tags in the Cross Reference of CCW software.
  • Alarm History size has been increased
  • L306 time-out parameters now supported

Functional Changes:

  • Change in controller password length

The length of controller passwords was changed from between 8–32 characters to between 1–64 characters.

If the password is less than 8 characters or more than 32 characters in CCCW v20.01, the controller cannot be connected to the older versions of CCW.

  • Change in operating system support

Starting in this release, the CCW installer will no longer install on 32-bit versions of Windows or any Windows 7 OS .

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If you would like to view the Connected Components Workbench 20.0 release notes, head over to Rockwell’s Product Versions webpage and search on the product “Connected Components,” then select Connected Components Workbench from the list.

Then from the versions page, click on the “PDF Document” icon under version 20:

So, what do you think of the new features of Connected Components Workbench 20?

Will you jump in and install v20 right away because of the added features or hardware support?

You can share your thoughts and opinions by joining our community at

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  1. CCW is horrible software. I have programmed hundreds of HMIs with this and I am giving up and going back to Automation Direct for our HMIs. I have lost hundreds of hours with this software. It doesn’t save a project well and I end up losing about 20% of my productivity when I save a program after 4 hours then reopen it to find that all of my recent work is gone!


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