In Rockwell's recently released TechED presentations, new information has surfaced about how they plan to make CCW look more like RSLogix and Studio 5000.

This planned “Logix look and feel” feature will be made available to CCW 11 users via a small and easy to install update which they're calling “Feature Pack Version 11.”

When released, this Feature Pack will be made available on Rockwell's Compatibility and Downloads website.

Below I'll include some excerpts from the above mentioned TechED presentation, CL22, which you can download by following the steps in my previous article here.

The ability to switch from CCW's standard IEC Ladder View to one that's more like RSLogix and Studio 5000 will be made available through a new “Themes” feature:

When you switch from the “Default” theme to the “Logix” theme, IEC instructions like “+” and “-” will be replaced with Logix equivalents like “ADD” and “SUB”.

This also enables coping and pasting Ladder between CCW and RSLogix 500 or Studio 5000

In addition to the new Ladder View, the Instruction Toolbar also changes with the theme to closely match the standard Logix ladder toolbar:

Rockwell has even added an “ASCII Text Input Pane” to the “Logix” theme for those of us who prefer directly typing our ladder code into the editor:

Personally, I'm looking to trying the new Feature Pack 11 when it releases later this year, and hope to cover it both here and in my video series, The Automation Minute.

Note that you can get a copy of the full presentation from which the above information was gathered by following the steps in my previous article here, and then searching for presentation CL22.


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