The Automation Blog is now open to guest bloggers!

The Automation Blog'sWhy? Well, by allowing “guest bloggers” to submit articles for publication on The Automation Blog, we hope to provide even more helpful information to our readers each week.

The way we see it, each guest blogger article published has the potential to introduce our audience to a wider range of products, knowledge, and expertise.

So how does it work?

First, prospective guest bloggers will start by reviewing our guest blogging guidelines HERE.
These guidelines include requirements like the blog needs to be about industrial automation, and needs to be a new unique article not previously published elsewhere.

Guest bloggers can then submit their ideas for articles to us by using this contact form.
When we receive their information, we’ll check to be sure it falls within our guidelines.
If it does, we’ll respond with an email address the guest blogger can use to submit their completed article in a Microsoft Word format.

From there, our editor(s) will review the submitted article and discuss any potential edits with the blogger.

And once the article is approved by our editor(s), our publisher will schedule the guest blogger’s article and inform the guest blogger when it is expected to run.

So what do you think? Interested in sharing your know-how with our readers?

Lets us know by using this contact form, and as always feel free to share your thoughts with us by filling in the “post a comment or question” form at the bottom of this page.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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    • Good morning Doug,
      Yes, totally open to helpful articles about any brand of industrial automation products.
      While my experience is mostly with Rockwell products, I know Siemens, GE, Schneider Electric, and many other vendors also make great industrial automation products too.
      As far as passive products, that’s a great question. While not the site’s main focus, I think most products used in a control system would be of interest to our readers.
      That said, we’re also looking for balance, and want to be sure we’re focused on helping readers find the answers to questions which come up during the implementing or troubleshooting of industrial automation systems.
      Thanks for your question,
      Shawn Tierney

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