Studio 5000 Version 24 Released

Rockwell Automation recently released for download version 24 of itStudio 5000 Logix Designer FIs Studio 5000 Logix Designer software, which programs its CompactLogix and ControlLogix line of Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC.)

The download weighs in at 3.49gb, and with a good high speed connection users can expect it to take just under 30 minutes. The download package includes RSLinx 3.71, as well as FactoryTalk Services Platform 2.71 and FactoryTalk Activation 3.62.11.

What’s new in version 24?

Operating system support: As with version 21 and 23, v24 still supports Windows 7 and Server 2008. However, it also adds support for Windows 8, 8.1, and Server 2012

Logical Organizer: As discussed in our first look here, this additional view allows you to organize your project’s code in a manner that is relevant to your application.

Program Parameters: As discussed in our first look here, program parameters replace program tags and consist of In, Out, InOut, and Public types.

Compare and Merge Tool: As discussed in our first look here, this updated tool allows you to merge various components from two different projects.

ISA 18.2 Alarm Support: The ALMA and ALMD instructions now include support for Out of service, Surpressed by Design, and Shelving.

Library Management Support: Several enhancements supporting library management include wild card support in search and replace, streamlined program delete, and support for 1000 programs per task.

For a full list of new and changed features, check out the official product release notes below:

And if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or corrections please leave them with us by filling out the “post a comment or question” link below.

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  1. This is a great step in the right direction. I was pretty excited about this when I heard about it at TechED in 2013 (it was originally going to be v23).

    I do hope Rockwell addresses the inability to make online edits to AOIs at some point. This is a major drawback and probably one of the reasons we limit our use of them.

    Let’s hope they do not do what they did with 20 / 21 and follow up with a non-reverse compatible “v24.03”

    • Good morning Kristopher,

      Thanks for your comments – last time I attended PSUG, RA said online edits of AOI’s was at the top of the customer wish list, so I would expect we will get it at some point.

      And if the rumors I hear about 20.04 are true, we may never have another “.03” compatibility issue in the future, but only time will tell,

      Thanks again,

      Shawn Tierney

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  2. I used V24.00.00 because of having a W8.1 OS. I found a bug in the software and reported it. Apparently they are aware of this and do not plan on fixing it until the next release. The problem I was having was that I could not tag browse, either online or offline, in the programming of the ladder. I prefer programming online. As soon as I clicked on a plus box in the tag browser, it would crash the Studio 5000. I stuck with it because of the W8.1 compatibility but it required me to type in the tags, and more cutting and pasting.

  3. Hello Shawn is RA planning to fix this minor revision incompatibility issue, this is very annoying problem, worst if you install 20.03 or 21.03 in a .01 revision the installation will overwrite the .01 and make .03. so if i need to open a project developed in .01 i need to uninstall the .03 and install again the .01.. this is the worst software i ever encounter!!

  4. Good Day Shawn,
    Yesterday, I came to costumer site to modify PLC programs under Logic Studio Version 21 but in my laptop installed Logic Studio Version 24. So, When I need to upload online programs, it needs me to update firmware. But I could not do this due to their machine still running. So, What should I do for this case? Does Logic Studio Version 24 has firmware option to version 21 (I have tried to change CPU to 21 from Controller Properties but only version 24 available there)?
    Second, I tried also using VMWare that has been installed Logic Studio Version 21 but I should move logic studio license to this VMWare which up to know I have not been successful yet to complete borrow activation.
    Could you give me the solutions to clear this issues please, sir

    Thank you

    • Easiest is to install V21 on the same machine as your V24 so you don’t have to mess around with licenses. They will run side by side unlike some other software packages Rockwell sells.

      If you can’t do that then the next thing is to make your virtual machine look at the computer with the Logix license on it. There should be tutorials about FactoryTalk Activation on Rockwell’s website how to set up a computer to get a license from another computer.

      • I dont know whether V21 can be installed in existing (V24) without make crash existing file systems of V24. Did you have experiences installing V21 in V24, Jeff?

        • Good morning teddyjo,

          Your original comment is something very many people run into, and I talk about it in detail here:

          As far as solutions, I agree with what Jeff posted.

          To get your VMware image to see your license on your hard drive, first insure you can ping your laptop and plc from the VM.

          Sometimes you have to edit VMware’s network settings to allow your VM to sit on the same physical Ethernet network as your laptop and PC, as well as run Rockwell’s Windows Firewall Config Utility to open ports (or turn off Windows firewall)

          Once you can ping your laptop and PLC from inside your vm, open FTA in the VM and add your laptop computer name or IP address (which ever you can ping) in the activation path, then refresh and FTA should see your laptop licenses.

          Ps – I’ve had no issues installing v21 after v24 was already installed, but getting your vm working is the best path imho.

          Hope this helps,

          Shawn Tierney

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