RSLogix 5000 Version 20.04 Released!

Late last week I was very happy to find that Rockwell had released RSLogix 5000 version 20.04.

Ok, so now you may be asking why this is such a big deal, right?

RSLogix 5000 20.04 Release NotesWell, as anyone who's run into the 20.01 and 20.03 issue knows, the minor rev incompatibility has caused many problems in the field.

In fact, this is one of two recent issues that I've seen bring out the emotions of users both here on The Automation Blog as well as on Rockwell's own official knowledgebase.

Well according to the releases notes, version 20.04 of RSLogix 5000 restores the minor version compatibility which was lost in version 20.03.

Yes, you read that right!

According to Rockwell's own documentation, you can now install version 20.04 and open or go online with version 20.01 and 20.03 projects.

The best part is, opening and saving the projects does not make them incompatible with the older versions!

And new projects created in version 20.04 are automatically compatible with 20.01 and 20.03.

In fact, only 20.03 still remains a problem, as it will change any version 20.01 file it opens to 20.03.

That said, with 20.04 you can export a 20.03 project and make a few edits to the file to make it version 20.01 compatible again.

RSLogix 5000 20.04 Tech NoteWant to know more? Check out this well documented public Rockwell tech note for additional details:

And to find out what else was fixed in v20.04, including a whole slue of stability issues, just search for RSLogix 5000 on Rockwell's below version webpage:

So what do you think? Are you ready to uninstall version 20.01 or 20.03 and move to 20.04?

Let us know by filling out the “leave a reply” form at the bottom of this page.


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