Micro800 AB.com Video 1When Rockwell released it’s new Micro800 PLC and the Connected Component Workbench (CCW) programming software, it knew that new users were going to need some help getting to know how to program this new product.

With that in mind Rockwell created dozens of “How To” videos for the Micro800, and in this the first of a three part series I’ll list the five videos which Rockwell hosts at AB.com, and provide a direct link to view each one:

http://www.Allen-Bradley.com hosted training videos for the Micro800 and CCW:

I hope you’ve found this listing of Rockwell’s AB.com Training Videos on the Micro800 helpful. Tomorrow we’ll list many more.

If you would like to offer your own opinion or comment on the usefulness of these videos please click on the “post a comment or question” link below to share your comments on this article.

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  1. can not get the videos to play. Having a hard time getting the blocks to work, will not compile and can not find help. the help files in the program do not work either, says can not display page. This little plcs do not seem worth the time and effort if a person can not program them. the ladder portions seems to work, but using FBD is really bad. Not feeling good about this product. The i/o is so limited unless you buy modules.

    • Hey Anonymous,

      Um, I really don’t know where to start. Last week I introduce several new engineers to this product and we didn’t run into the problems you are having? Are you using version 6.1?

      Shawn Tierney

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      • I got the videos to work. It seems I had to use Windows explorer to view the videos and use firefox to post a reply. Wow 2 different browsers. I am looking for information when you right click on Programs>add FBD. I can not get that to work. Also in your video #2 your left pane is different. My user defined Function Block is different then yours. Anyhow how do I use the FBD? Also the Help is not so helpful, all it tells you when you do F1 is what the block looks like, no info how to set it up. For example I selected block, the Arithmetic add. I tried to add variables (int) thinking i need numbers to add. Compiler says error expected Bool. So I change them to Bool then it says error, expected int, dint, etc. Makes no sense. Are there bugs in the programming in that do I need to first build a FB before I can use FBD? Very very disappointed in this product or is it just the help or layout. Good idea, bad implementation. I spoke to others and they are not impressed. They only use the ladder cause they can not figure it out either and do not care to, takes up too much time.

        • Hey Anonymous,

          Sorry to hear about your browser issues.

          These videos are provided by Rockwell, and while I provide direct links to them in my blog, you may prefer to watch them on Rockwell’s website:


          On that page the bottom link takes you to Rockwell’s Micro800 YouTube playlist with dozens of examples of using FBD instructions – hopefully you’ll find those videos helpful.

          If not, let Rockwell know how you feel – it’s their product so I’m sure they’d love to hear how you think they could make it better.

          Best of luck,

          Shawn Tierney

          Join my free community to follow along! You can also become a member and support our work at: Automation.Locals.com

        • okay my frustration level has dropped after watching the videos. this is what I see is the problem. the program allow me to type in where ever I want. it is very confusing labeling the I/O then selecting them to use in the program. this program is not very self learning. I went and labeled the I/O by going to global variables on the left pane. When I add a contact, i click on the top of the contact and the drop down shows the DI’s but not the name I gave it. then the other time I was trying to figure it it did show. Very confusing seems no clear cut path to do things you want to do. Lots of fumbling around. Hard to describe here, but very confusing labeling things. Doing the FBD you do not need ralls for the blocks but if you add contacts you do. that is confusing. I am getting it, but like I said it is not a self teaching program.


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