While Rockwell's Micro800 line of programmable controllers does include support for instructions you won't find in RSLogix, it's lacking one big feature that many RSLogix users have come to rely on.

Specifically I'm referring to the ability to use math instructions with dissimilar data types.

Personally, I find this kind of odd. Going back as far as I remember, A-B PLC math instructions always supported mixed data types.

Whether it's the PLC-5, SLC-500, MicroLogix or Logix (Control/Compact/Flex/Soft) line, they all had this feature.

In those PLCs, if you wanted to divide one Integer by another, and put the result into a Floating point register, you just did it.

Really, it's as easy as: DIV N7:0 N7:1 F8:0 in RSLogix 5, 500, and Micro.

And in RSLogix/Studio 5000 it's nearly identical: DIV N7.0 N7.1 F8.0

But when you start performing math with mixed data types in the Micro800, the cryptic error message, “expecting ‘x' data type,” will lead you to the fact that the Micro800 does not support math with mixed data types directly.

Instead, you'll need to use one of the many “ANY_TO” instructions to convert your incoming variables into the same data type as your outgoing (or resultant) variable.

And while this may be common with many (if not most) other PLCs on the market, it does happen to be one part of programming with CCW that isn't as intuitive as RSLogix.

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