Learn how to use CCW to backup, edit, and restore A-B VFD parameters

Do you or someone on your staff need to backup, edit, or restore A-B VFD parameters?

If so, you may be interested in my new quick start course, “Using CCW with A-B VFDs

In this forty five minute quick start course I cover all of the following topics:

  • Where and how you download a free copy of CCW
  • How to install CCW, including how to work around the .NET issue on Windows 10
  • How to download and install drivers for the 1203-USB cable
  • How to setup RSLinx Classic’s Ethernet IP and Ethernet Devices drivers
  • How to setup RSLinx Classic’s driver for the 1203-USB cable
  • How to download PowerFlex manuals and update files
  • How to connect to the PowerFlex 520 series using USB on Windows 7 and 10
  • How to use the PowerFlex USB utility to upload and download parameters from 520 series VFDs
  • How to import, edit, and export PowerFlex parameter files in CCW
  • How to use CCW to upload, edit, and download drive parameters over Ethernet
  • How to use CCW and the 1203-USB to upload, edit, and download drive parameters over DSI


Well for a limited time you can grab the digital bundle of this quick start course for just $9.99***.

That's right, you not only get the online edition at TheAutomationSchool.com, you also get a second “mobile friendly” Vimeo copy which you can download to watch offline on supported mobile devices (most iOS and Android devices.)

***If you thought that was a great deal, for those of you still reading I want to share a time limited coupon with you so you can the digital bundle for just $6.99!

Just use discount coupon code CCWVFD at checkout to get this new quick start at thirty percent off the introductory price 🙂

But don't wait too long! The above coupon is only good through July 31st, 2017


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