Having issues with Studio 5000 v24? This may be the reason why…

If you’re having problem running Studio 5000 v24, a friend’s recent experience may shed some light on it.

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a friend who spent a frustrating day trying to get Studio 5000 version 24 to work.

My friend has been using Allen-Bradley PLC’s and software for decades, and like myself he tries to stay on top of the latest products and software releases from Rockwell.

Unfortunately, this time migrating to the newest version of Studio 5000 seemed to have caused more problems then it was worth, and after one very long, frustrating day he unhappily reverted back to v21.

During his day of troubleshooting he did spend the obligatory time on the phone with Rockwell’s tech support group.

However, try as they might, they had no idea why Studio 5000 version 24 was locking-up and freezing on his PC, especially since his PC runs previous versions of Studio 5000 without issue.

Time to upgrade?

The following week I received another call from my friend. This time it was to tell me he believes he has found the issue with v24.

Studio 5000 v21 System RequirementsHe, like I, uses VMware to run multiple operating systems on a single laptop.

And just like I did, when he created his current batch of virtual machines he set them to the defaults with the exception of Ram which he upped to 2GB.

However, while discussing the issue with a colleagues, the thought of checking the software’s minimum requirements came up.

As it turns out, the jump in minimum requirements from Studio 5000 version 21 to 24 is quite steep. Surprisingly steep.

Studio 5000 v24 System RequirementsIn fact, Studio 5000 version 24 has more in common with last March’s  Call of Duty Ghost’s PC requirements than it does with last March’s Studio 5000 v21 requirements.

These new recommended requirements are so steep, they are actually higher that the specs of Rockwell newest “performance” model of its Panel PC.

To be fair…

To be fair, most forward thinking companies do upgrade their employee’s laptops every few years.

With that in mind, it’s likely most engineers designing new systems with Studio 5000 version 24 are going to have the minimum Core 2 Duo processor with 4GB of ram that Rockwell requires.

However, what is also likely is that those of us using VMware aren’t going to have VM images setup for 4GB of Ram with multiple cores enabled, possibly making us susceptible to the random freezes and lock-ups my friend experienced.

I hope this article about the surprisingly high system requirements of Studio 5000 version 24 was helpful.

If you have your own experience with Studio 5000 you’d like to share please feel free tell us about them by using the “post a comment or question” link below.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

Shawn M Tierney
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  1. My work laptop is well above the recommended specs for v24 (Win7, Intel i7 cpu, 8GB ram, 500GB solid state drive, NVidia graphics, etc.). But I find that any version of logix over v20 has very poor performance while online with the processor. We are a large company with a dozen facilities running all different versions of firmware so I have logix v13 through v24 installed on my laptop. Any connection to versions under 20 do okay. Anything over 20 is very slow to update and hangs a lot. It is very frustrating.

    • Have you connected to a processor with a USB cable vs. Ethernet/IP over wired or wireless? That might tell you something buggy with your ethernet if the USB operates acceptably. Do you use the Ethernet driver or Ethernet/IP driver in RSLinx? Ethernet works better for me in general.

      I have similar specs on my laptop and rarely have problems with Logix5000 or Studio5000.

    • Brandon,

      I have a similar laptop as well, and run Studio 5000 in VMware, and as long as my network settings are set correctly I don’t have any issues, so I’m not sure what is causing he issue but if I hear of anything I’ll let you know,


      Shawn Tierney

  2. I have a Toshiba (Win10, Intel I7-3630, 2.4GHz, 16GB Ram, 1TB HD)
    I use VMWare with WinXP and RSLogix5000 v20 and below I have no problem.
    But, when I use Win7 Studio 5000 v21 and above, is to slow the software, also FTView v8
    Wich are the recommended settings for the VM? I have 8GB Ram, 1 processor with 4 cores, 100 GB HDD.

    Best Regards

    • Good morning Jess,

      I just moved to Win10 myself, and other than upgrading to FTA 4.0 everything is working great.

      However, my Win7 VM on which I run Studio 5000 v21 and 24 and FTView 8.0 only has 2GB of ram (my host has 12.)

      So that said, if it’s just the software starting slow, check the FTA and virtual networking to see if it’s delaying the software starting.

      However if the software always runs slow, well I’m out of ideas as I’m not seeing that here and I use those vm’s daily?

      PS – If you find the cause of your issue please let us know!


      Shawn Tierney

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      • Dear Mr Shawn Tierney.

        I’m a student working with Rockwell Softwares, i don’t have the Serial or Product Key so i installed FTView 8.0 and Studio5000 v24 and cracked them. But i don’t know how to install and crack correctly. They were installed in VM Ware with Win7 x64 operating system, i did install Studio5000 v24 and crack it first, then FTView 8.0 but the FTV seemed not work properly, it got app-crashed whenever i import a project.

        Can you tell me the right way to do these, i really need to do a project in my school.

        Thank you and best regard.

        • Good morning Do,

          When you install either package and open them for the first time, if they do not find a license they will run in a grace mode for seven days.

          To extend that, you can call your local Rockwell representative and get a temporary license which will last for 30 days.

          Finally, for roughly $200 per year (is the USA) your education institution could register with Rockwell and get one copy (toolkit) of these and many more packages Rockwell makes. And in some cases Rockwell even makes donations to educational institutions.

          So with all these legal free and low cost ways to use Rockwell Software, I see no reason for anyone to break the license agreement they agreed to when installing and using the software, especially since it can result in fines and other legal repercussions.

          And because of the illegal nature of circumventing software licenses, I do not allow any such information to be posted here.

          Hope this helps,

          Shawn Tierney

  3. i have installed v 24 studio 5000 logic designer with 7 days grace period version no activation but not supported all futures in programming my problem is language element tool bar not working its in disable mode and editing also not working in programming help me


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