In today’s episode of The Automation Podcast I take a look at the ANC-120e USB to Data Highway Plus converter from Automation Networks.

theautomationblog-anc-120e-scene-0Now you may be asking yourself why the folks over at Automation Networks would release a USB to DH+ converter when Rockwell already makes the 1784-U2DHP?

Well if you haven’t looked lately, that Rockwell cable now lists for a whopping $3,140, while the ANC-120e lists for $995.

But how well could a third party DH+ cable really work?

theautomationblog-anc-120e-scene-1As I demonstrate in today’s podcast, it actually works really well.

In fact, I couldn’t see any difference between my ControlLogix Gateway and the ANC-120e.

There must be some catch right? Like it’s hard to setup or something?


In fact, the entire podcast from un-boxing to making online edits in a SLC-5/04 and PLC-5/20, took less than 20 minutes.

So if you’re in the market for a USB to Data Highway Plus converter, or just curious to see how the ANC-120e works, check out Episode 35 of The Automation Podcast below:

PS – Special thanks goes out to the folks at Automation Networks for sending over the ANC-120e for me to test – thanks guys!

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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  1. I purchased the ANC-120e a while back. No problems getting online and modifing the program. My issue was backing the program up to the EEPROM in a PLC5. It wouldn’t work. Keep getting an error. So if you have to back up the program to the EEPROM, beware.

    • Was it a SLC-500 or PLC-5?

      There’s a known issue with SLC-500’s where after you initiate a write to EEPROM you get an error, but it still completes successfully.

      In my experience this happens with multiple communication paths, not just the ANC-120E.

      Shawn Tierney,
      Instructor at

  2. I was handed one of these ANC-120e modules by my boss in 2020. I found that after I got it configured correctly, I could rely on this module just as much as the super expensive U2DHP cable.


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