In today’s article I’ll walk you through how to download a program to a Micro800 using Connected Components Workbench version 10.

Preface: If you need a copy of CCW, check out our previous article, Downloading a free copy of Connected Components Workbench.

Step 1) Open CCW, and then open or create a project:

Step 2) Next, it’s recommended you build the project to insure it’s valid and has no errors:

Step 3) If the build is successful, on the bottom left of CCW you’ll see a message stating it has succeeded:

Step 4) At this point you have a valid program which you can download. The next step is to configure the connection path.

Note: If no connection path is listed and you click on download, the connection browser will automatically launch.

Step 5) If an existing connection is listed but is not correct, you’ll want to update it before downloading:

Step 6) To do so, click on the pencil icon as shown below:

Step 7) Then choose the correct path from recent paths, or choose browse to select the target PLC from the network:

Step 8) If you choose browse, the connection browser will open showing you an RSLinx Classic RSWho:

Step 9) From there you would select your target Micro800:

Step 10) And then select OK:

Step 11) Now with the correct connection path set, select the download icon as shown below:

Step 12) At this point you’ll be prompted to confirm you want to download the project to the controller, including putting the target Micro in program mode and if you wish to replace existing variable values with project values:

Step 13) If your Micro800 has Ethernet, and the settings in the project you’re downloading are different than the settings in the target Micro, you’re asked if you want to download the new settings or keep the existing ones:

Step 14) Once the download completes, you’ll see a message on the bottom left of CCW stating your download succeeded:

Step 15) CCW will also ask if you would like to put the controller into Remote Run mode:

Step 16) Now that your program has been downloaded and is running in your controller, the CCW toolbar will show “connected” and the Micro’s current mode as seen below:

Step 17) At this point you can open your program(s) and variables to monitor them online:

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