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I'm always on the lookout for a good deal, and the ones below caught my eye this week:

Note: Below I point out some great prices I've found, but with the ebay items please read all of the seller's notes and take the seller's rep into account before purchasing 🙂

Generic 1761-CBL-PM02

I've purchased this cable myself and found it works great.

It's longer than the official Rockwell PM02 cable, and does have the right angle mini-din on the PLC end.

The price is really hard to beat too as the Rockwell version is around $80.

MicroLogix 1000 L10BXB, New:

“Buy it now” for $[CACHEBUSTER]” alt=”” />

DotW 2015 09 29 (7)

MicroLogix 1000 L16BBB, Used:

“Buy it now” for $[CACHEBUSTER]” alt=”” />

DotW 2015 09 29 (6)

MicroLogix 1500 LSP processor, Used:

“Buy it now” for $35

DotW 2015 09 29 (8)

MicroLogix 1500 Base 24BWA, Used:

“Auction” currently $21

DotW 2015 09 29 (4)

MicroLogix 1400 L32BXB, Used:

“Buy it now” for $147

DotW 2015 09 29 (2)

Micro850 w/ RTC, Used:

“Auction” currently $99

DotW 2015 09 29 (3)

CompactLogix 1769-L18ER-BB1B, Used:

“Auction” currently $400, “Buy it now” for $900

DotW 2015 09 29 (1)

I hope you've found this “Deals of the Week” article helpful!

If you find a great deal you'd like to share, drop us a message using the “Contact Us” link at the top of this page,


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