FTView_8_SplashSo you’re using FactoryTalk View Studio and are ready to setup FactoryTalk Alarm and Events (FTAE.)

But before your FTAE configuration will have the ability to maintain a historical record of your alarms, you’ll first need to connect your View Studio project to a FactoryTalk Alarm and Events database.

And before you can create and connect to a FTAE database, you first need access to a MS SQL Server Server or MS SQL Server Express database server.

In most cases it's easiest to just install a new instance of the free MS SQL Server Express which comes on the FactoryTalk View Studio installation discs and in the View Studio download package.

The procedure for installing SQL Server is also well documented in Rockwell's “FT Alarms and Events System Configuration Guide, PUBLICATION FTAE-RM001G-EN-E” that comes with FactoryTalk View Studio.

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With a copy of MS SQL Server installed (or accessible,) open your FactoryTalk View Studio project.

Next, under System – Connections, right click on Databases and select “New Database”


Now fill in a new Definition Name, new Database User Name, and new Database name that you want View Studio to use when creating your FTAE Database and connection:


Once View Studio verifies the Database doesn’t already exist, you receive the below prompt in which you’ll want to click on “Yes”


After a few moments you should see your new Database Connection appear in the Project Tree:


And if you were to open SQL Server Management Studio, you would also find View Studio has created your database and user (in this example they are MyDatabase and MyUserName)


However, if you get the below error message you'll want to check out my article on how to resolve that issue here:


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Forum Comments:
  1. Author's Commentary:
    While it's not too difficult to install another instance of MS SQL Server to use with FTAE, I often ask myself why do I need to?
    The simple fact is, these days when you install FT View Studio it automatically installs a (passworded) instance of MS SQL Server for View Studio’s HMI Tags.
    That in mind, wouldn’t it be nice if we had the option of using that same instance for our FTAE Alarm History, saving us from having to install a second copy of MS SQL Server on our machines?
    This would also save us from having to come up with a DB user name, password, and SA password, as all those settings could be handled by ViewStudio itself.
    Ideally this could be a simple option checkbox when you add FTAE to your ViewSE project, asking if you’d like ViewSE to automatically create a FTAE historical DB in the default (and locked down) MS SQL Server instance also used for HMI TAGs.
    I have in fact mentioned this to the FTVSE folks at Rockwell, but at that time concern over protecting the FTVSE HMI Tag DB trumped eliminating the repetitive and redundant task of installing a second MS SQL Server instance for FTAE history.
    Shawn Tierney

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