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RSLogix 5, 500, and Micro support for Windows XP / 7 / 8

Last Wednesday in this article I discussed how to use Rockwell's PCDC webpage to look up the compatibility of Rockwell Software packages with Microsoft Windows operating systems. In today’s article we’ll take a look at the results for RSLogix 5, 500,...

How to setup and use RS Emulate

Last week I walked through how to get a free copy of RSLogix Emulate 500, and in today's article I'll show you how to set it up. The first step is to launch RSLogix Emulate 500 and open an RSLogix...

RSLogix Halloween Animation! Also, anyone automating a holiday display?

Let me wish all of you a very Happy Halloween! And if any of you are automating a Holiday Display (Haunted House, Holiday Lights, etc) I'd love to hear about the products you're using, and how you're automating your display. But...

RSLogix Micro Starter Unboxing

Last year I purchased a copy of Rockwell's RSLogix Micro Starter programming software (~$150) which programs all of Rockwell's MicroLogix programmable controllers. Note: Rockwell recently changed RSLogix Micro Starter to download only, so new purchases will not receive the package shown in this post - more...

Get RSLogix ready for Halloween!

In today's article I'll show you a little known trick to give RSLogix 5, 500 & Micro some Halloween spirit! First, you know that online animation in RSLogix? You know, the rotating "Ladder" animation near the top of the screen: Well we're going to change that...

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