Recently a reader posted on The Automation Forums asking how he could set or change the I/O base selected in his RSLogix Micro program.

Since it's not completely straight forward, I thought I'd post a short article with screenshots showing how to make this change.

Step 1)  Open your MicroLogix program in RSLogix Micro Starter, Micro, or 500. Then from the Project tree on the left, expand the Controller folder and double-click on ‘”IO Configuration”:

Step 2) Next, in the IO Configuration window double click on the MicroLogix Base in “Slot #0”:

Step 3)  Here 0n the default “Embedded General Configuration” tab, select the base that matches the hardware you have and click on “OK”:

Step 4) Now close the IO Configuration window, save your project, and when you're ready download it to your MicroLogix.

Watch me demonstrate the above procedure live in Episode 2 of The Automation Minute Season 4:

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