NOTE: The free “RSLogix Micro Starter Lite” software I detail how to get in this article works with the MicroLogix 1000, MicroLogix 1100, and free PLC Emulator.

If you need help learning to use it, check out my Five-Star Rated PLC Courses at The Automation School. They come with free updates, instructor support, and never expire.

About other versions of RSLogix:

Please note that as of today, there is no “free download” of the programming software for the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200/1400/1500 (click here for that software,) PLC-2/3/5, SLC-100/150/500, CompactLogix, or ControlLogix.

To program those A-B PLCs you can:

    1. Ask Rockwell for a thirty day demo download of the software (aka temporary activation)(click here for details)
    2. Borrow the install discs/files, then install and use it for seven days in “grace mode”
    3. Call your local Rockwell rep. (click here to find) to purchase a software license

Note that you can program the Micro800 series of PLCs with Rockwell’s free CCW software (click here to get CCW).


How to download RSLogix Micro, RSLinx, and Emulate 500


Step 1) Start by navigating to, which will redirect you to


Step 2) Next select “Downloads” on the front page (note that the links may not be in the same order shown below:)


Step 3) Type in “1763” in the search box:


Step 4) Now choose “1763-Lxxx” from the list, then choose version “10”:


Step 5) At this point you need to select the “Downloads” icon on the right as shown below:

Step 6) In the popup window, select the check-boxes for RSLogix Micro Starter Lite w/o RSLinx EN, RSLogix Emulate 500, and RSLinx Classic Lite as shown below. Then click on the “Downloads” link on the top right of the window:


Step 7) Now select the “Download Now” button on the bottom right on the next popup window:


Step 8) At this point you may be asked to sign in. NOTE: If you don’t already have a free account for Rockwell’s website, go ahead and create one (be sure to use a valid email address as you’ll need to open the email they send you to confirm your registration.) Once your account is setup, sign in so you can continue with the download:

Download RSLogix 8b


Step 9) Accept the end user license agreement:

Download RSLogix 9b

Step 10) Here at this point I recommend selecting “Direct Download”:

Download RSLogix 10b

Step 11) Now select the download links for each of the three software packages (RSLogix Micro Starter Lite, RSLinx Classic, and RS Emulate 500) to download the installation files:


NOTE: Below you’ll find a screenshot of Rockwell’s website showing which versions of Windows 7 RSLogix Micro 8.3 is supported on (it does work well on Windows 10, but the free version is not officially supported on it:)


For information on other operating systems check out Rockwell’s compatibility website using the link below:

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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