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Today we're covering news about CAN XL, PLCNext, EtherCAT, Actuators, Robot Controls, Packaging Trends, Raspberry Pis, Ransonware, Data Trends, Pipetting and more in our Automation This Morning blog for Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

First up we have a press release here from CAN In Automation about the third generation of CAN, CAN XL, being shown in recent live demonstrations.

Next we have a press release here from the PLCNext community announcing that their Beehyve project is now up on Slack.

In new products today we have the release of detailed product information here on Omron's new EtherCAT slave module.

We also have information here about Faulhaber's new L line of Linear Actuators.

Over on the SMC website we have an announcement here about their new Deceleration Controllers.

And on the Oriental Motor's site here we have new information about their MRC01 Robot Controller with Ethernet/IP.

From new products to new articles, our first today is on the Omron website here and covers the top six trends they see in packing.

On the Onlogic site here we found a new article on the Raspberry PI and its use as a low cost industrial PC (IPC.)

On the ISA website here is a new article on Ransomware and how it affects manufacturing and industrial automation systems.

And today on the WWT website here, they're sharing the 8 trends they see for Big Data in 2023.

Today we also have one new application profile here from Festo, on how their DHOP closed-loop pipette head enables high speed robotic pipetting (dispensing of exactly measured amounts of liquid.)

In our product spotlight today is The Automation School's Micro800 Nano Basics Online course, designed for users with electrical experience who want to learn how to use, program, and troubleshoot Micro800 PLCs. To learn more, click here.

In our “pub crawl” today we found one new publication of interest here, which is an updated manual for the Rosemount 3410 Flowmeter.

Our audio video file of the is a new Tech Tip here on how to change the visual properties of Numeric and String Inputs in FactoryTalk View Studio.

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