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This morning we’re covering guides, valves, switches, fieldbuses, cybersecurity and more in this edition of Automation This Morning for Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

First up are a couple of new press releases. In the first here, Allied Electronic and Automation claims to now have the largest selection of industrial controls in North America. You can check out their industrial controls offering here, and let us know in the comments if you think they’re right?

In the next press release here, Digi-Key announces they have teamed up with Make to release a new “Board Guide” and AR App. In the guide you’ll find details on single board computers that run anything from Windows to Linux, including popular hobby boards based on the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Next up are a couple of product announcements, include one from Festo here that details their new, uniquely engineered angle seat valve.

The other product announcement is on a new product we’ve been following for a few days, and today we got the official RedLion press release here detailing their new N-Tron Series NT5000 gigabit industrial switches,

As far as new reading materials, the first article we’ll highlight today is one from DigiKey here about Single Pair Ethernet (SPE, aka 10BaseT1L) and how to use it to cost effectively network sensors for building management systems.

Next is an article from the folks over at Bihl-Wiedemann here about how easy it is to use of different drives on AS-i thanks to a standardized data image.

As far as new eMagazines and/or Newsletters on the virtual newsstand, today we have the latest edition of Automation Directs newsletter here (v25 i1) which covers several topics including Remote Access and Cyber Security, Sizing Transformers, and more.

From the virtual newsstand to a virtual pub (publication) crawl, the only new literature I found interesting this morning was a new application diagram PDF here on RedLion’s new NT5000 switches.

In today’s product spotlight we’re featuring our S7-1200 and 1500 Level 1 course which is currently on sale for 50% off here.

And in one of our new segments, The Audio File, today we have a new episode of The Automation Podcast featuring an interview here with the Manufacturing Hub Show co-host Dave Griffith.

In another new segment, Automation Tech Tip, today we’re featuring how you can get a copy of RSLogix Micro Starter Lite and RSEmulate 500 completely free, which you can learn about here.


And in our final new segment, Automation Q&A, in response to a community member’s message we discuss using an Autorun Script to copy files off a PanelView Plus, and you can learn how to do so yourself here.

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