If you're trying to install TIA Portal Step 7 and you're seeing a “.Net 3.5 SP1” required error, today I'll walk you through how to install .Net 3.5, as well as what to do if the .Net installation hangs.

Step 01) The easiest way to install .Net is through the “Programs and Features” applet in Windows Control Panel:

Step 02) In “Programs and Features,” click on “Turn Windows features on or off”:

Step 03) Then when the popup appears, find and select “.Net Framework 3.5” and click on OK:

Step 04) If you're prompted to download the files from Windows update, go ahead and do so (you can also get the files off of your Windows 10 Install Disc):

Step 05) Once done, restart the TIA Portal Step 7 installation, and you should no longer get a .Net prerequisite error.

Note: If your installation or download hangs, check out the Offline Installer option below.

Offline Installer:

If for some reason the files never download, or if your PC is not connected to the internet and/or you don't have access to your Windows 10 Installation DVD, there is another way to install .Net 3.5.

While Microsoft doesn't provide a “true” offline installation file for .NET 3.5 SP1, a kind soul in the community has made one available, and below I'll show you how to download and use it:

Step A) Start by downloading the .Net Framework 3.5 offline Installer from https://sourceforge.net/projects/framework-3-offline/

Step B) Then unzip the download, open the folder, and run the utility. When the installer appears, just click on “Start Installation”:

Note: To monitor the progress of the install, open the .txt file in the program's folder (to refresh the progress, close and reopen the text file.)

If you've found another way around this issue, or you'd like to share your thoughts or questions, please do so by clicking on the “post a comment” link below.


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