Over the last few weeks I've received many helpful messages recommending webpages and videos to help me get started using the S7-1200, and in today's article I'll share those I found to be the most helpful.

Note: If you'd like to suggest additional links be added to the list, please use the links at end of the article to share them!

To start we have links to the S7-1200 product webpage, PDF brochure, and TIA programming software webpage:

Next we have a video that provides a quick look at the physical hardware:

With introductions out of the way, next we have detailed S7-1200 information both online and in a downloadable PDF:

For even more technical details, the next two links provide a complete list of S7-1200 user manuals, as well as a list of all the available application samples:

Finally, when it comes time to actually begin programming the S7-1200, these videos covering creating your first PLC program, HMI project, and adding distributed I/O, were the ones that I found to be the most helpful:

If you know of other great links or videos to help users get started with the S7-1200,please let me know by either contacting me HERE, or by using the “post a comment” link below.


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