Transferring Software Registration of Allen-Bradley (A-B) and Rockwell Software (RS) products

Occasionally a Contractor, System Integrator (SI,) or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will provide programming software to their end customer, but forget to register it to them. When this happens the end user doesn’t get any product notices sent to owners of that package. They also don’t get activation or technical support since they aren’t registered with Rockwell as registered user.

Note: You can listen to our podcast about transferring software registration HERE.

But if you ever run into this situation there’s an easy fix. Rockwell provides an simple web form which the currently registered user (often times the Contractor, SI or OEM who sold the package) can use to transfer the registration of the package in question from himself to the end user. And, if your the end user and all you have is the serial number of the software package, Rockwell can look it up in their system and put you in contact with the currently registered user so you may request of them that they transfer the software they sold your company into your companies name.

If you need to transfer a software package registered to yourself to your end customer, you start by navigating to the software registration transfer for accessible from

Once this page loads, click on the “Transfer Software Registration” link on the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen:

Update 10/30/2017: The link has been renamed, “Update contact information or transfer software registration” and can be directly accessed here:

Old Rockwell Automation Transfer Registration Menu Item

When the form appears, fill in the following information:

– Enter in the software serial number, or serial numbers separated by commas.

– Enter in the currently registered user’s information including Company, Contact, and Address information.

– Enter in the information of who the software is being transferred to, including Company, Contact, and Address information.

Update 10/30/2017: The web-form has changed and no longer looks like the below.

Rockwell Automation Transfer Registration FormWhen you’ve filled in all the required fields, press “send registration.” If all the contact information is correct, in a few days the software will be re-registered to the company and contact you listed in the “Transfer To” section.

Hopefully you’ll find the process as simple and easy as I’ve described above (and experienced several times myself.) And if you’ve ever needed to use the process before we’d love to hear how it went. Or, if you ever ran into a Rockwell software registration transfer issue, we’d also like to hear about those. In either case you can leave your comments below using the “post a comment or question” link.

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