Spatial Computing Electrical Training for Apple Vision Pro:

In a recent article from Siemens, it was announced that Siemens, in collaboration with BILT, the creators of 3D Intelligent Instructions, is advancing their mobile guides by transitioning them into spatial models for Apple Vision Pro. This development comes at a crucial time as the demand for skilled electricians and other tradespeople continues to rise, making it essential to train both new and existing workers effectively.

Tools like BILT on Apple Vision Pro offer a highly immersive and visual training experience, enabling users to learn more efficiently and safely. Siemens’ initial product assembly and installation guides on BILT for Apple Vision Pro feature the Class 14 NEMA motor starter from Siemens Smart Infrastructure, designed for controlling and protecting motors in industrial processes, as well as the P5 Power Distribution Panel, commonly used in commercial construction to distribute power within buildings.

The integration of BILT with Apple Vision Pro’s ultra-high-resolution display system provides users with a photorealistic digital twin, merging the physical and digital realms to create compelling spatial experiences. Through guided learning on Apple Vision Pro, users can interact with product components using natural gestures, such as eye movements, hand motions, and voice commands. This enables them to zoom in on or out from parts, view animated step-by-step assembly instructions, and engage with the training material in a more intuitive manner.

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