Maple Systems Try-Before-You-Buy PLC: PLC-FB1616P0202-DEMO:

Expand your system’s capabilities with always free software and a free PLC with these specs:

  • 6 Digital Inputs / 16 Digital Outputs

  • 2 Analog Inputs / 2 Analog Outputs

  • 2 Channel High Speed Counters (HSC)

  • PID Control, Auto-tuning, RTC, Serial or Ethernet Communications.

  • 8 Digital Inputs / 8 Digital Outputs

  • 2 Channel High Speed Counters (HSC)

  • 2 Pulse Train Outputs (PTO)

  • PID Control, Auto-tuning, or Ethernet Communications.

Customize with additional I/O options such as Digital IO, Analog IO, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Relay, Thermocouple, High Speed Counter (HSC), and RTD, starting at just $160.00.

For more information, check out the full article using the below link:

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