Rockwell Automation has officially listed the “end of life” date for the MicroLogix 1000 and 1500.

According to their website, they will cease production of the two oldest MicroLogix models on June 30th, 2017.

We first came across this news while reviewing the publically available session materials from Rockwell's TechED 2015 event.

However, Rockwell's official product life cycle webpage was not updated to reflect this information until just last week.

The MicroLogix 1000

MicroLogix 1000 End of Life

The MicroLogix 1000 was the first MicroLogix released, debuting all the way back in 1994.

This small and inexpensive controller opened the door for using RSLogix 500 based programs on smaller applications than previously were not cost effective with the SLC-500.

To learn more about the MicroLogix 1000, follow the link below to our in-depth article:

The MicroLogix 1500

MicroLogix 1500 End of Life

Released five years after the MicroLogix 1000, the MicroLogix 1500 included several enhancements.

While still a Micro, the 1500 had a removable processor module that could be used in one of three available I/O bases.

The 1500 also supported a plug-in data access module which allowed the changing of data table values without the need of a computer running RSLogix.

But the biggest difference between the MicroLogix 1000 and 1500 was that the 1500 supported expansion I/O.

In fact, the MicroLogix 1500 was designed to accept a total of 16 Compact I/O modules, although to reach anywhere near that number of modules an additional power supply and cable was needed.

This feature alone made the MicroLogix 1500 much more competitive than the SLC-500, and to this day Rockwell has no other Micro which supports that much total I/O.

To learn more about the MicroLogix 1500, follow the link below to our in-depth article:

I hope the above information pertaining to the end of life announcement of the MicroLogix 1000 and 1500 was helpful.

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