Linux-based real-time control with TwinCAT:

In a recent article from Beckhoff, it was highlighted that the introduction of the TwinCAT Runtime for Linux® is set to open up new application possibilities for real-time control. This development allows for the execution of several TwinCAT Runtimes on a single industrial PC, a first in the industry. This advancement enables users to consolidate different system parts on one large computer, thereby optimizing computing resources. Additionally, accessing a GPU (graphics card) from the real-time environment will now be feasible, providing a hardware acceleration option for particularly computing-intensive applications such as vision processing.

The TwinCAT Runtime for Linux® is built on Beckhoff’s proprietary Linux® distribution, which broadens the choice of operating systems beyond Windows and TwinCAT/BSD. This distribution, created using the free Debian operating system, includes a Linux® real-time kernel as standard for executing the runtime in real time. Moreover, the Debian package system simplifies the installation of additional software. Initially, the new CX82x0 and CX9240 ARM-based Embedded PCs will be available with the Linux® runtime. Subsequently, the Beckhoff Linux® distribution will be gradually introduced for all other industrial and embedded PCs.

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