How to look-up Rockwell Software compatibility with Microsoft Windows

One of the top questions I receive on a weekly basis is, “Does this version of Rockwell Software support my computer's version of Microsoft Windows.”

I typically respond to these questions by talking about how quickly anyone with an internet connection can get the answers by using Rockwell's “Product Compatibility and Download Center” (PCDC) webpage.

So with that mind, in today's article I'll walk through the steps of looking-up Rockwell Software compatibility with Microsoft Windows.

Step 1: Point your web browser to “”


Step 2: In the “Quick links” menu on the left, click on the “Product Compatibility and Download Center” link


Step 3: Now click on “Available Versions” located in the center of the “Product Compatibility and Download Center” page.


Step 4: Next, type in the name (or part number) of the software into the “Product Search” field, and then select the product from the results below.

Note: In the below example I entered “RSLogix” into the search field, and then selected RSLogix 5000 to continue.


Step 5: On the results screen, click the minus sign next to “Rockwell Services,” then click the plus sign next to “Operating Systems.”

Now select the plus sign next to the operating system you're interested in.

Note: In the below example, I chose “Windows 7”


Step 6: For each combination of Rockwell Software and Microsoft Windows there will be a compatibility icon, and those icons are described in the icon legend at the bottom of the page.


Note: In my example, RSLogix version 20.03 and 20.01 are both shown with the green “compatible” icon for Windows 7 SP1.

I hope the above step-by-step procedure on how to look up Rockwell Software compatibility with Microsoft Windows operating systems was helpful.

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