How To Get Up And Running With Windows XP Mode

So you've received a new laptop running Windows 7 Professional, but still need to run legacy XP programs?

Well, you're in luck. Microsoft makes available to you free of charge a Windows XP virtual machine, and in today's article we'll show you how to get it up and running.

Windows XP Mode 16-Fi

Part 1: Downloading and installing Windows Virtual PC

Our first step will be to download and install a free copy of Microsoft's Virtual PC, as it's required to run XP Mode.

Step 1) To get Virtual PC, start by clicking on the below link:

Step 2) This will bring you to the Microsoft Download center as shown below:

Windows Virtual PC 01

Step 3) Next, click on the “Download” button, select either the 32 or 64 bit version, and press “Next”:

Windows Virtual PC 02

Step 4) Now choose a location you'll remember to save the download file to:

Windows Virtual PC 03

Step 5) When the download completes select “Open”:

Windows Virtual PC 04

Step 6) If you received a security warning select “Allow”:

Windows Virtual PC 05

Step 7) Now press “I Accept” to continue:

Windows Virtual PC 06

Step 8) This starts the installation process as seen below:

Windows Virtual PC 07

Step 9) When the installation is complete, you'll need to restart your PC before you can use Windows Virtual PC:

Windows Virtual PC 08

Step 10) Now that you have Windows Virtual PC installed, you'll find it in your Start Menu Programs as shown below:

Windows Virtual PC 09

Part 2: Downloading and Installing Windows XP Mode

Now that you have downloaded and installed Windows Virtual PC, the next step is to download and install Windows XP Mode.

Step 1) Start by clicking on the download link below:

Step 2) Next, click on the “Download” button:

Windows XP Mode 01

Step 3) Now select the version you want, and click on “Next”:

Windows XP Mode 02

Step 4) At this point you may get notice that a popup has been blocked. If you do, unblock it:

Windows XP Mode 03

Step 5) Now save the installation file to an easy to remember location:

Windows XP Mode 04

Step 6) Once the download finishes, select “Run”:

Windows XP Mode 05

Step 7) If you receive a security warning, select “Run” again:

Windows XP Mode 06

Step 8) Now you will see the Windows XP Mode setup window. Start the installation by selecting “Next”:

Windows XP Mode 07

Step 9) Choose an installation path and choose “Next”:

Windows XP Mode 08

Step 10) Once setup completes, select “Finish”:

Windows XP Mode 09

Step 11) Windows XP Mode will now show up in your Start Menu. Launch it to continue the setup:

Windows XP Mode 10

Step 12) Check the “License Terms” checkbox, and press “Next”:

Windows XP Mode 11

Step 13) Choose a password for your login, and press “Next”:

Windows XP Mode 12

Step 14) Selection “Not right now,” and press “Next”:

Windows XP Mode 13

Step 15) Now click on “Start Setup”:

Windows XP Mode 14

Step 16) While setup progresses a short tutorial will be shown:

Windows XP Mode 15

Step 17) Once done initializing, Windows XP Mode will launch and you'll now see a virtual Windows XP desktop. At this point you can install your legacy software onto Windows XP Mode:

Windows XP Mode 17

Note: Windows XP Mode automatically maps your Windows 7 drives and storage devices to allow you easy access to your installation files.

Windows XP Mode 18

I hope the above article on how to download and install Windows XP Mode was helpful.

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5 Blog Comments

  1. Want to go through mapping the licenses from the host machine? I did it originally through the LAN adapter that I connected and then that stopped working. I got online with Rockwell tech support and luckily stumbled upon someone who seemed to know what he was doing. He had me set up a loopback adapter. For some reason or another I screwed up that Virtual PC so I created another one. I’m sure I remember all of the steps and followed them correctly but it’s not working this time around. I’ve googled and googled and everything seems to be right..Any help?

    • Good afternoon controlsgirl,

      I usually just verify I can ping my host’s PC name from within the VM. Then I add that PC name in FT Actiavtion Manager and refresh it.

      Please let us know how you make out,

      Shawn Tierney

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