In Monday’s article we compared the Ethernet I/O capacities of two Allen-Bradley CompactLogix processors.

To accomplish that comparison, we used Rockwell’s EtherNet IP Capacity Tool.

In today’s article we’ll show you where you can find and download the latest version of this free utility:

2018 UPDATE: Rockwell has removed the old Ethernet/IP Capacity Tool covered in this article, and integrated a new version into IAB. To learn how to get and use the new version, click on the below link to my updated article:

Step 1) Navigate to IATools

Open your preferred web browser and enter in the below address:

1 How to get the Ethernet IP Capacity Tool

Step 2) Select “Choosing An Architecture”

From the Integrated Architecture Tools page, select the “Choosing An Architecture” tab:

2 How to get the Ethernet IP Capacity Tool

Step 3) Select the EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool link

From the list of links under “Choosing An Architecture,” click on “EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool”

3 How to get the Ethernet IP Capacity Tool

Step 4) Click on “Download”

From the bottom of the paragraph about the EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool choose the “Download” link:

4 How to get the Ethernet IP Capacity Tool

Step 5) Download the zip file

The last step is to download the installation zip file. Once it’s downloaded, unzip and run the installation file inside:

5 How to get the Ethernet IP Capacity Tool

Well that’s it on how to find and download Rockwell’s EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool.

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