Late last month Rockwell released version 10 of FactoryTalk View Site Edition, and in tomorrow’s article I’ll take a look at it’s new feature.

But today I want to go back and take a look at what was new in version 9 since I didn’t have access to it when it was released last year:

New Features:

  • New trend object, Trend Pro with ad-hoc, drag and drop trending. Supports ViewSE Datalog and FTHistorian Data
  • Improved recipe management added to RecipePro+ allowing all functions during runtime without a View Studio license
  • New RecipePro+ commands, including RecipeProEdit and RecipeProDownload
  • New Hyperlink animation available for use on most objects supporting “Touch” animation
  • New Alarms and Event functions, including: AE_DisabledCount(), AE_InAlmShelvedCount(), AE_InAlmSuppressedCount(),
    AE_NormalShelvedCount(), and AE_NormalSuppressedCount()
  • Logix Designer tag extended properties support, including .@Min, .@Max, .@Description, .@EngineeringUnit, .@State0, and .@State1 (format = TagName.@ExtendedProperty)
  • Data communication inhibit feature to inhibit shortcut communications to reduce network load and system load time when shortcut targets are disconnected


  • Streamlined installation
  • New operating system support for Windows 10 Enterprise and Professional
  • Dynamic decimal places
  • Printing screen to PDF using ScreenPrint or PrintDisplay command
  • Screen statistics including total referenced tags and the total used expressions
  • Security functions CurrentUserHasCode, CurrentUserHasGroup, and CurrentComputerHasGroup enhanced to support string tags and tag placeholders

Corrected Anomalies:

  • FactoryTalk View File Viewer Utility “convert datalog to .csv file” feature now working
  • FactoryTalk View SE client screens no longer hang for up to 40 seconds loading some graphic displays
  • Records can now be purged from the database successfully
  • Pop-ups can now appear on a second monitor in a two horizontal monitor system
  • Trends now display data correctly with daylight saving enabled
  • Sub-menus of PlantPAX PF755 faceplate now display correctly
  • Replication no longer fails due to startup of SQL Express
  • Parameters as trend pens for historian data now display correctly
  • FTView installation no longer removes the Arial Bold font from the operating

Find out more about ViewSE 9.0

If you would like to view the FactoryTalk View Site Edition 9.0 release notes, head over to Rockwell’s Product Versions webpage and search on and then select FactoryTalk View.

Once all the versions are listed, click on the document icon as shown below:

If you’d like to listen to a discussion of the above, check out Episode 40 of The Automation Podcast below:

So, what did you think of the new features in ViewSE 9.0?

Did you migrate to it last year, or did you stay with 8.2?

You can share your thoughts and opinions by clicking on the “post a comment or question” link below.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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