Rockwell recently released version 13.00 of FactoryTalk View Site Edition, and below I’ll summarize the new and enhanced features, as well as any corrected anomalies:

New Features:

  • A new XY Plot Object has been added to plot one set of tag values versus another set.
  • .NET Control Object now supports reusable and custom Windows Forms and WPF controls, allowing use of their properties, methods, and events.
  • Data Grid Data Source now supports ViewSE Data Log Model file sets as a new data source, allowing users to display those data logs in a tabular format.
  • New option to allow Synchronization of HMI tag values in a Redundant Systems (between the active and standby HMI servers.)
  • New “Client Tags” which are Memory Tags specific to each client AND user session in a distributed system, and these new tags support client-specific behavior like animation, visibility, and custom navigation menus.
  • New FactoryTalk System Status Portal webpage provides an overview of all FactoryTalk application servers and statuses, including HMI servers, Alarms and Events servers, and Data Servers (portal installed with FTSP via custom install option.)
  • FactoryTalk Batch View HMI controls are now included in FactoryTalk View installation. These include BatchesList, PromptsList, SFC, and FullView.

Enhanced features

  • Support added for bi-directional HMI Tag Access for server-side scripts (using PowerShell)
  • TrendPro Enhancements:
    • Now shows tag’s caption instead of name when hovering over a line in the chart.
    • Now panning the data by moving the mouse can be disabled
    • Extended tag properties caption and engineering unit now supported
    • New VBA property allows selection of “custom file explorer” or “Windows file explorer” when saving the trace data or captured image.
    • New VBA property to support single trace and stack axes modes.
  • Chromium-based Web Browser object supports Microsoft Edge as the rendering engine (in addition to Internet Explorer.)
  • New Automatic Diagnostics functions retrieve info of automatic diagnostic events from one or multiple devices.
  • Extra alarm and event functions added to retrieve info of FT alarms in four priorities (urgent, high, medium, low)
  • TrendPro and RecipePro now support language switching.
  • New E-Signature tab for each state of a multistate push button
  • Custom diagnostic audit message option added for electronic signature
  • String input enhanced with Remark option to configure customized diagnostic audit message when downloading a new tag value at runtime.
  • PlantPAx Library of Process Objects v5.00.02 are included in the FactoryTalk View installation and can be imported to newly created or existing HMI projects.
  • Cross Reference enhanced to allow searching of object names.
  • Horizontal or vertical position animation now available for more objects including Images and Panels.
  • Login and Logout commands now open dialog boxes open monitor where the Login and Logout commands are called from.
  • Application Documenter now supports the export of application information with commands.
  • Accepted and Rejected VBA events added to the Button, Numeric Input, and String Input objects for the electronic signature function.

Corrected Anomalies

  • Tag Browser should no longer hang when selecting a tag.
  • Display Clients should no longer stop responding after switch between displays quickjly multiple times.
  • Data logging should no longer stop when records are being deleted based on a time setting (every night at midnight, etc.)
  • Using a comma in a Global Object name should no longer prevent compilation
  • Images should no longer show as blue boxes when navigating displays
  • Long tag names should no longer be truncated in the tag name list
  • Disabled buttons should no longer show as enabled after closing and reopening a display
  • Clicking Save button should now save all settings including changes made to the Trigger Value or Message boxes in local message file.
  • DerivedTags.exe should no longer stop responding after running DerivedOff and DerivedOn commands
  • TrendPro templates from different applications can now be loaded
  • Messages logged in FactoryTalk Diagnostics are now longer truncated
  • Docked displays can no longer be undocked by double-clicking the topmost pixel of the display

For a complete list of Corrected and Know Anomalies, see the official product release notes.

Find out more about ViewSE 13.0

If you would like to view the FactoryTalk View Site Edition 13 release notes, click on the below link to Rockwell’s website:

So, what do you think of all the new and enhanced features in ViewSE 13.00?

Will you jump on 13.0 right away because of one of the added features (or squished bugs?)

You can share your thoughts and opinions by clicking on the “post a comment or question” link below.

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