READ FIRST: As of April 2020 this procedure has changed – see the new article HERE for the updated steps.

Original Article:

I commend Rockwell on their efforts to improve their website, however it's disappointing they often don't provide redirects from old pages to new, leaving thousands of daily visitors landing on broken or missing pages.

That in mind, I've redirected my RSLogix Micro Starter Lite Download Link ( to come to this page where I can keep this procedure on downloading the free software up-to-date:

Step 1) Start by navigating to, which will redirect you to

1-Go-to-AB comStep 2) Then select Compatibility and Download on the front page:

Step 3) Now type in “RSLogix Micro” in the search box, and then choose “RSLogix Micro Starter Lite w/o RSLinx EN” from the list:

Download RSLogix 3b

Step 4) Then select “Download”:

Download RSLogix 4b

Step 5) Next, expand the version listing by click on the plus sign:

Step 6) And the select the downloads link (a small picture of a hard drive and arrow) for version 10 as shown below:

Download RSLogix 5b

Important: Today, only the downloads for version 10 and 11 have links to the software downloads, so it's important to chose the link shown above:

Step 7) In the next window, select the check-boxes for RSLogix Micro Starter Lite w/o RSLinx EN, RSLogix Emulate, and RSLinx Classic Lite as shown below:

NOTE: The software list shown below may not be in the same exact order as what you find online today as over time Rockwell rearranges this list.

Download RSLogix 6b

Step 8) Then select the “Download Now” button on the bottom right:

Download RSLogix 7b

Step 9) At this point you may be asked to sign in.

NOTE: If you don't already have a free account for Rockwell's website, go ahead and create one (be sure to use a valid email address as you'll need to open the email they send you to confirm your registration.) Once your account is setup, sign in so you can continue with the download:

Download RSLogix 8b

Step 10) Accept the terms:

Download RSLogix 9bStep 11) Next I recommend selecting “Direct Download”:

Download RSLogix 10b

Step 12) Now select the links to download RSLogix Micro Starter Lite, RSLinx Classic, and RS Emulate 500:

Download RSLogix 11b

Note: Below you'll find a screenshot of Rockwell's website showing which versions of Windows 7 RSLogix Micro 8.3 is supported on (it does work well on Windows 10, but the free version is not officially supported on it:)


For information on other operating systems check out Rockwell's compatibility website using the link below:

NEW! See the above procedure demonstrated in Episode 6 of The Automation Minute, Season 3:


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Forum Comments:
  1. Hi!
    First of all, I wanna say thanks, because your forum is very interesting, and Ii'm using it to improve my knowledge in some things.
    I wanna ask you if you know how can I download rslogix emulator 5000, because only the 500 version seems available.
    Thanks a lot.
    Good afternoon @marandlo,
    You know, Emulate 5000 has not been a free download like Emulate 500 has. In fact, Eumulate 500 is the only free Emulate download Rockwell makes that I know of.
    Shawn Tierney, The Automation Blog
    Shawn - Any thoughts on if RSLogix 500 Lite is still valid? Trying to get a remote customer to connect to a 1400. We had them download it along with RSLinx Lite and upon remoting into their machine could see the faqulted processor in Linx but could not go online, upload or diag. Popup window comes up with an error about using Linx Gateway (we are set it up to talk via Enet driver in linx) with Ethernet driver to go online. But we are not using linx gateway.
    Then after reboot - Got a popup window starting Logix Lite saying it doesnt support Micro 1400's.
    Comments or thoughts?
    Hey Ames Electric,
    Hope you guys are doing well!
    As I write in the below article, RSLogix Micro Starter Lite is only good for the 1000 and 1100:
    I do believe you'll find a free download utility (I've never used it) at the same place as RSLMSL - see step six in the below article:
    PS - I recently tried the free software from the above link with Windows 10 and a ML1100 and had no issues communicating using the below procedure:
    Best of luck guys!
    Shawn Tierney,
    Instructor, The Automation School
    Hi Shawn,
    OK - Full Disclosure - I know next to nothing about PCLs. But I have recently ordered an Micrologix 1400 as a gift for my wife who wants to get back into programming PCLs (she had some experience with SCADA programming in grad school).
    After reading your very informative article, I now understand that the RSLogix Micro Starter Lite software I was hoping to download for her does not work with the 1400. What are my options for finding free or affordable software she can use to program the device? I see from one of your responses to a reader comment that there may be a free download utility that can be used to in some way? Can you provide more details on that?
    Good afternoon Forward500,
    For the MicroLogix 1400 you'll need RSLogix Starter Micro which is under $200 last time I checked.
    You can order it from your local RA distributor which you can look up on their website (
    PS - You might also want to get her a DVD copy of my PLC Basics Second Edition course which is still just $99 until January 1st:
    Hope this helps,
    Shawn Tierney,
    Instructor, The Automation School
    i have the A-b micrologix 1200 How should i go about downloading RSLogix Micro, RSLinx Etc.heard they were free but not being allowed to setup the account need to start the download is there anywhere else where i could get the software???

12 Blog Comments

  1. Hi Shawn,
    Thank you for the useful information, I was able to download and install the software.
    I do have a question regarding communication with MicroLogix 1100 controller. If the CH0 is configured for Modubus(RS-485 network) how can you have access to the controller to download the program and monitor online other than disconnecting it from the network and connect to personal computer. Can you use CH1 to connect your personal computer to controller to download the program and monitor online? Thank you, Calin.

  2. Hi Shawn sir,
    we have down load RSlogix 500 lite, but its required activation code , How will get activation code.
    kindly suggest me.
    thank you

    • Good morning Shambhu,

      I think you may have two different products mixed up – here’s a comparison of similar products:

      – RSLogix Micro Starter Lite is free (works with 1000 and 1100)
      – RSLogix Micro Starter is not free (adds 1200, 1400, and 1500 support)
      – RSLogix 500 Starter is not free (there is no free version of RSLogix 500)
      – RSLogix 5000 Lite / Studio 5000 Lite is not free (there is no free version of either)

      Hope this helps,

      Shawn Tierney

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  3. I have a Compactlogix l24er that the memory was completely lost. I have the ACD file for it. Is there a solution to download the program to the PLC w/o purchasing the RSLogix 5000? I do not want to change the program, just redownload it.

    • Good morning Jann,

      There is no free “transfer utility” for the CompactLogix or ControlLogix.

      I’d recommend having an integrator come in an download your program to your L24ER, as well as save the program to an SD Card (the L24ER comes with one) so if your L24ER loses it’s program again it will automatically load from the SD Card.

      Hope this helps,

      Shawn Tierney
      Instructor at

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  4. Update: The procedure in this guide still works 100% as of March 11, 2020.

    Just follow the each step as shown in the above pictures – takes less than a minute 😉

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