Finding a MicroLogix 1100’s IP and MAC Address

The MicroLogix 1100 includes an Ethernet port with a fixed MAC address, as well as a settable Ethernet IP address. In today's article we'll show you how to find both.

Finding the MAC address on a MicroLogix 1100:

1) Thankfully, each MicroLogix 1100 comes with it's unique MAC address stenciled on it. To find it, remove the battery compartment cover on the right side of the Micro:

MicroLogix-1100-MAC-IP-Location2) At the very bottom of the compartment, directly under the battery plug, you will see the MicroLogix 1100 MAC address. . The MAC Address of the unit pictured below is: 00:0F:73:00:23:26

Finding the IP and MAC address of a MicroLogix 1100 using the built-in LCD:

1) When the MicroLogix 1100 is powered on, it displays the I/O Status screen as shown below:

MicroLogix-1100-LCD-Home-IO-Status2) To find the Micro's IP and MAC address using the LCD,  we need to access it's menu. To do this, press the ESC button and you should see the display below:

MicroLogix-1100-LCD-Menu3) Next, press the down arrow button four times to select “Advanced Set,” then press the OK button:

MicroLogix-1100-LCD-Menu-Page-2-User-Display-Selected4) Here, press the down arrow button twice to select “ENET CFG,” then press the OK button:

MicroLogix-1100-LCD-Advanced-Menu-ENET-Selected5) Now you will see displayed the MAC address followed by the IP address of your MicroLogix 1100.

MicroLogix-1100-LCD-Mac-Ip-Display6) To return to the I/O Status display, press the ESC button until you see the main menu, and then select “I/O Status” and press the OK button:

MicroLogix-1100-LCD-MenuI hope the above procedure on how to find a MicroLogix 1100's IP and MAC address was helpful.

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