Do not delete: Why you should keep your Rockwell software order email

Stop! Don't delete that email you received after ordering software from Rockwell!

In fact, you really should take a moment to file that email away someplace safe, someplace you can get to quickly for months and years to come.


Rockwell Software Order Email 1We'll, as we discussed back in January in this article, when you provide your email address with your Rockwell software order you receive an email with links to your activation certificate and software download.

What you may not realize is, this email not only lets you download the current version of the software you just ordered, but it also lets you download several previous versions as well.

That little tip can be extremely helpful, especially if you're still running Windows XP (yes, I still run into people running Windows XP.)

Rockwell Software Order Email 4

You see, most of the software Rockwell makes only ships with the latest release. And as time goes on more and more of Rockwell's software lineup is dropping support for the venerable Windows XP OS.

But that's not all…

I don't know if you caught it when I said, “years to come,” but as I write this Rockwell has enabled these emails to continue to work long after the order was placed, and that's a very very good thing.

Take the recent example of a client who needed to update the program in his system with one his OEM had emailed him.

Unfortunately his physical RSLogix software disc was misplaced, and without a support contract he couldn't request replacement media from the factory.

In this case, even though the software order was well over a year old, the customer was able to use his original software order email to download both his activation certificate as well as a version of the Rockwell software which would run on his tech's old Windows XP laptop.

With those two reasons in mind, I hope you can see how advantageous it is to not only provide your email address when ordering Rockwell software, but also how helpful it can be to hold on to the Rockwell software order email with links to download both the activation certificate and software itself.


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