Data Highway Plus to Ethernet (Video, TAS 2)

In today's episode of The Automation Show, I unbox and setup an ANC-100E Data Highway Plus to Ethernet bridge from Automation Networks.

For more information about the show (and how you could win an ANC-100E) check out the “Show Notes” located below the video.

The Automation Show, Episode 2 Show Notes:

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I want to send a huge Thank You out to the folks at Automation Networks for donating the ANC-100E featured in this episode of The Automation Show (and for ANC-120E featured previously on the blog and podcast HERE.)

In appreciation, we'll be mounting one of the ANC-100E‘s to our stage's wall, and will be giving away the second one to a lucky viewer via a random drawing.

To enter the drawing for an ANC-100E, just be one of the first twenty five people to reply to this post! (click HERE to scroll down to the comment link)

Once we have twenty five replies, one of the names will be drawn at random live on our show, and that person will be contacted via email for their mailing address!


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Shawn Tierney

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Forum Comments:
  1. I have been looking for a way to upgrade the old ISA-board comm interface on our Pentium-Pro pc running XP....
    this could be what we need... either the ANC-120 or the ANC-100
    Hey ,
    They are pretty easy to setup and cost less than a dedicated ControlLogix Gateway.
    If you call the guys over at Automation Networks for a quote, please let them know you saw the product on my site/show!
    Oh, and you the first name entered in the drawing! good luck!
    Thanks for posting this nice unboxing and setup clip. I enjoy catching up with the new products showed off without any issues.
    I've had nightmares about calls connecting to 5/04s after one breakdown service call where the serial port couldn't be unplugged for my laptop.. My saved eBay search for the 1784-U2DHP hasn't found a result under the $1600 mark with shipping for a couple years so this might be a good option.
    Another great episode of The Automation Show, looking forward for more...
    I am also glad that companies like Automation Networks are providing cheaper $$$ alternative devices/software to what AB/RA have to offer.
    Definitely tempted to give this a try on a customer's site where they had 2+ dozen or so dh+ devices networked and where the 1784-U2DHP just wasn't reliable.

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