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Using the MicroLogix 1400′s LCD To View and Edit Data File Values

The MicroLogix 1400's LCD display allows access to many of it's features and functions. In today's article, we show you how to use it to view and change Data File values. Enabling Default Comms on the MicroLogix 1400 1) When the MicroLogix 1400 is...

MicroLogix 1200 to PowerFlex 4 from 22-SCM-232 Manual

This first program is based on the example in the appendix of the 22-SCM-232 Manual. After unsuccessfully attempting to get an electronic copy from Rockwell Drives Tech Support, I broke down and typed in all the ladder and comments myself. Once setup...

Do you really need RSLogix 500 to program a MicroLogix?

Over the last few months I've received several messages asking what the correct software is to program the MicroLogix line of programmable controllers. This confusion surprises me since RSlogix Micro has been out since 2009, as can be seen in this...

How to find the MAC and IP address on the MicroLogix 1400

Update: To see the latest article on this topic click HERE. The MicroLogix 1400 is one of the few Allen-Bradley PLC's with a small LCD display and navigation keys on the front of the unit, and these can be used to find the PLC's...
Small Ethernet PLC's from A-B

Small Allen-Bradley (A-B) Ethernet Programmable Controllers

Today, Ethernet is the network of choice for automation systems. In years past, Ethernet was an expensive and costly add-on. However, more and more small programmable controllers are now coming with Ethernet as standard. Below we’ll cover what is available today for small...

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