Daily Industrial Automation News Roundup:

Today we’re covering news about Transmitters, Aveva, Touch Sensors, Groov Epic, Wifi 6, LOTO, Level Monitoring, PowerFlex, Micro800 & RIO, Modicon TM3 RIO and more in our Automation This Morning blog for Thursday March 9, 2023.

First up we have a press release here from Honeywell about their new Versatilis condition monitoring transmitters for rotating machinery.

Today we also have a new press release here from Aveva about their commitment to make their entire portfolio available via their subscription service, Aveva Flex.

In new product announcements, today we have a touch sensor announcement from Banner here detailing their new on/off and dimming LC25T touch switch.

Our first new article of the day is from Opto22 here and covers commissioning their Groov Epic controllers, and also links to a free course on the same subject.

Over on the ISA website here we have a new article detailing Wifi 6 products from R3 Solutions.

On the Grace Engineering website here we have their weekly article which this week focuses on their CheckVolt product and how it can be a big timer saver when used in Mining and Water/Waste Water applications.

And on the Digi-Key website here is a new, well done article covering level monitoring sensors used in tank applications.

Today in our product spotlight we’re featuring our 2013-2020 Video Collection with over 280 videos ad 29 hours of content available on USB for $35, or as a digital download for $30. To learn more, click here.

In our “pub crawl” today we found several new documents of interest. The first here is a new programming manual for the PowerFlex 6000T VFD.

Also on Rockwell’s website is a manual here on using PointIO as distributed IO with the Micro800 line of PLCs.

On the Schneider website we came across three new documents. The first here is a catalog of Distributed IO for use with the Modicon TM3 line.

The next here is an overview of Robotics and some of the solutions Schneider Robotic products can be used in.

And the third here is a control panel guide to breaks and transfer switches fit for generator applications.

And on the Emerson website here we have a new manual for their FBxStation Controll application.

New to Audio and Video today is the latest edition of The Automation Podcast with featured guest Diane Davis of Red Lion Controls who discusses their brand new Managed Gigabit line of Industrial Ethernet Switches, the NT5000 series.

In today’s Automation Tech Tip (see video from today’s show below) we walk through the different options that exist for those who want to log and report on data inside of FactoryTalk View Site Edition.

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