How to download RSLogix Micro, RSLinx, and Emulate for free (Fall 2016)

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I commend Rockwell on their efforts to improve their website, however it’s disappointing they often don’t provide redirects from old pages to new, leaving thousands of daily visitors landing on broken or missing pages like the one below:


Download RSLogix 0

That in mind, I’ve changed my RSLogix Micro Starter Lite Download Link from going directly to Rockwell, to now come here where I can keep the below procedure to download the software up-to-date:

1) Start by navigating to

1-Go-to-AB com


2) Select Compatibility and Download on the front page:

Download RSLogix 2b


3) Type in “RSLogix Micro” in the search box and then choose “RSLogix Micro Starter Lite w/o RSLinx EN” from the list:

Download RSLogix 3b


4) Now select “Download”:

Download RSLogix 4b

5) Select the small picture of a hard drive as shown below:

Download RSLogix 5b

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6) Select the checkboxes as shown below:

Download RSLogix 6b


7) Then select the “Download Now” button on the bottom right:

Download RSLogix 7b

8) At this point you may be asked to login. If you don’t already have a free account go ahead and create one and log in so you can continue with the download:

Download RSLogix 8b

9) Accept the terms:

Download RSLogix 9b

10) Next I recommend selecting “Direct Download”:

Download RSLogix 10b


11) Now select the links to download RSLogix Micro Starter Lite, RSLinx Classic, and RS Emulate 500:

Download RSLogix 11b

Note: Below you’ll find a screenshot of Rockwell’s website showing which versions of Windows 7 RSLogix Micro 8.3 is supported on:


For information on other operating systems check out Rockwell’s compatibility website using the link below:

NEW! See the above procedure demonstrated in Episode 6 of The Automation Minute, Season 3:


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Legacy Comments

  1. Hi Shawn,
    Thank you for the useful information, I was able to download and install the software.
    I do have a question regarding communication with MicroLogix 1100 controller. If the CH0 is configured for Modubus(RS-485 network) how can you have access to the controller to download the program and monitor online other than disconnecting it from the network and connect to personal computer. Can you use CH1 to connect your personal computer to controller to download the program and monitor online? Thank you, Calin.

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