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Will you be attending Rockwell’s Automation Fair in Chicago next month?


Automation Fair is Rockwell’s annual event which includes a trade show, industry forums, hands-on labs, tech sessions, and demonstrations.

And while I thoroughly enjoyed attending the past few years, unfortunately as much as I would like to go this year it just doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

That said, I am curios to know how many of you will be attending next month, and that’s how I came up with today’s “Question of the Week.”

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  1. I got the flyer from the local A-B rep. Looks like the new GuardLogix 5370 series is interesting. Also, there’s apparently a new type of Compact I/O. It’s hard to tell from the picture but it looks like giant Point I/O. Looks like it might be a new type of remote I/O but there’s no bulletin number and I can’t find anything on Rockwell’s website about it. It lists the features as the following:
    – Allows faster screw-to-screw timing and increased overall throughput with the ControlLogic 5580
    – Higher connection capability – up to 31 modules
    – A dual Ethernet port supports both linear and device level ring topologies
    – The adapter status displays provides status information and error status without connecting to the adapter
    – Accessible Rotary switches allow quick IP address setup
    – Integrated USB port allows easy access and configuration
    – Built-in counting functionality in Basic Input module
    It’s clearly a new type of remote I/O architecture based on the Compact platform, but beyond that I have no idea. Any information on this, Shawn?


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