Why won't RSLinx Enterprise show up in Emulate 5000?

SoftLogix 5800 with Processor but No RSLinx Enterprise

Last week a client sent me a CompactLogix file and PanelView Plus file to review.

To test these files together I usually change the CompactLogix file into an Emulator file in RSLogix 5000, and then download it to Emulate 5000 (a processor emulator for RSLogix 5000.)

Once this is done, I open the PanelView Plus project in ViewStudio and modify the RSLinx Enterprise (RSLE) shortcut to point at the emulator. However, in this case when I proceeded to update my RSLE shortcut, browsing the virtual backplane didn't display my emulated processor?

RSLinx Enterprise does not find SoftLogix processor

So, I first restarted the RSLE service, and when that didn't work I restarted my virtual PC. With it still not working, I headed of to the Rockwell Knowledgebase and the only helpful advice it had was to reinstall RSLinx Enterprise. After a painfully long re-install of RSLE, I was indeed able to browse to my emulated processor, update my shortcut, and test the ViewStudio project.

Once that issue was resolved, I ran into a second issue. As I was emulating a CompactLogix file, and those processors are located in slot 0, I attempted to put my virtual processor in slot 0 of the virtual backplane, However, when I right clicked on slot 0 the only versions available were v17 – v20, but my client's file was version 16.

SoftLogix 5800 add processor to slot 0

I was a little confused as I was running Emulate 5000 v20, which on Windows XP should had provided support for version 12 to 20. After confirming this fact in the product's release notes, I tried another slots and was able to chose from versions 12-20. I didn't research this further, but thought it was worth passing on since I hadn't noticed this slot / version restriction before.

SoftLogix 5800 add processor to slot 1

I hope the above information about why RSLE might not show up in Emulate 5000 is helpful.

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    • Good morning Matt,

      You’re very welcome!


      Shawn Tierney

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  1. Can you tell me how you managed to free up Slot 0 in the first place? In v20.03, slot 0 is locked down hard by this RSLinx virtual module.

    • I figured this out. I was unable to move it via RSLinx driver config (kept saying it was in use). I found a registry key (HKLMSOFTWAREWow6432NodeRockwell SoftwareRSLinxDriversAB_VBPAB_VBP-1), modified the “Slot” key to “0x0000000F”, and now RSLinx resides in slot 15.

      • Good morning Heath,

        Thanks for the tip!

        I don’t currently have Softlogix installed, but I believe you can also right click on RSLinx Classic to change its slot number from right inside the chassis monitor?

        For RSLinx Enterprise I know you have to change its slot number from within View Studio or the Ft Admin Console by editing the VBP there.


        Shawn Tierney

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