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In your facility today, which industrial network do you have the most devices installed on?


After spending a couple of weeks blogging and creating videos on using Logix with Ethernet, this week I’m going back to the much older DH-485 network to answer some common reader questions.

And while working with “Data Sidewalk,” I began to wonder what most of you have running in your facilities, hence today’s question of the week.

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  1. When you had no communication (other than serial) included you had to spend money to buy your choice of network. Now that EIP is included you have a good network and you have to pay extra to get something else.
    By Rockwell integrating EIP into their products (Powerflex 52X, CompactLogix, L8x ControlLogix, etc.) as a standard feature I feel like they are telling everyone that ControlNet and DeviceNet are on their way out. It will take quite a while, but they will go the way of RIO.
    I voted EIP and ControlNet. Most of it is EIP we send out the door, but occasionally CNet sneaks onto a project. I lobby to replace it with EIP if it’s a project I’m working on.

    • Good afternoon Jeff,
      Thanks for your comment and vote!
      Yeah, nice thing about Ethernet – everyone’s PC comes with it built-in!
      Gone are the days when you need a very expensive KT or PCMK card 🙂
      Also, I’m a big fan of the USB ports too – much better than boot-p imho,
      Thanks again,

      • Hopefully in 10 years long gone are the days of taking this with you when you go to fix a machine if you even have to go to the machine to fix it.
        This is my loadout to go work on a SLC or PLC5 that I can’t get to on Ethernet. If I had a Micrologix I’d have to throw in the special DB9 to 8-pin round cable.
        I don’t know if you had this problem before, but going on startup and you don’t have the correct serial dongle or cable then you go to Radio Shack to find it. So many RS stores have closed that you’d probably have to drive for quite a while. I’m not sure if you could find what you need at a Best Buy assuming there was one close enough to drive to.
        I don’t miss the “old days”. Old days in quotes because I’ve only been doing this for almost 12 years. I cut my teeth on a SLC 5/04 and MicroLogix 1500 LRP. When I was able to step up to a CompactLogix L32E and use Logix V13 I thought I was in heaven.

        • Jeff,
          Thanks for sharing that!
          Yeah, my cable bag use to contain seven different cables including the dreaded 1747-PIC! However, I was lucky enough never to have to tote around a T-3 Terminal 🙂
          And today if you’re on the road and don’t have your gender changer or serial cable, even the remaining Radio Shack’s aren’t very likely to have those items 🙁
          Which reminds me – I still have SLC-500 and PLC-5 keys on my keychain – been there for twenty plus years ever since I drove for hours to a site just to find the PLC in hard run mode and nobody had a key to change it to rem 🙁
          Have a great night!
          Shawn Tierney


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