What is the Product Selection Toolbox from Rockwell Automation?

AB.com Product Selection ToolboxOn a daily basis clients ask for assistance selecting system components for their control system designs. And of all the tools that I use to assist me with this process, the utilities in the Product Selection Toolbox (PST) get the most use.

What is the Product Selection Toolbox?

It’s a single download of several different utilities from Rockwell Automation, often referred to as RAISE or PST. Of the many utilizes it includes, the three below see the most use in my office:

  • Integrated Architecture Builder

This is by far the tool I use most frequently as it allows me to quickly put together a control system bill of materials. It checks the components selected to insure no limits have been exceeded, and also adds required accessories (like terminal blocks for 1756 I/O modules.)

  • Proposal Works

This package is similar to the product selection tool on www.AB.com. It allows easy and quick lookup of products, associated information, and pricing.

  • Motion Analyzer

Used by those who need to size servos for their motion control applications, I’m told it’s indispensable for developing those BOMs.

How do I get a copy of the Product Selection Toolbox?

AB.com Product Selection Toolbox 2You can get a DVD containing the Product Selection Toolbox (PST) from your local Rockwell Automation or Authorized Distributor representative. While most should know exactly what you’re referring to, if by chance they don’t just ask them to order the “PST-SG001J-EN-V” DVD from the Rockwell literature ordering system.

You can also download a copy of PST from www.AB.com’s Product Configuration and Selection page, or from this direct link: http://raiseinstall.rockwellautomation.com/pst-lite.html

I hope the above information is helpful, and wish you all a happy and safe weekend!

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