What are PlantPAx Process Objects?

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PlantPAx booth at Automation Fair 2013I’ve been getting a lot of questions about PlantPAx lately. Specifically about PlantPAx as it pertains to HMI and SCADA systems.

While PlantPAx is a very wide and broad topic, when I get the above question it typically relates to Rockwell’s highly developed faceplates, formerly known as the “PlantPAx Library of Process Objects.”

The purpose of these “objects” or “faceplates” is to provide a modern interface to Rockwell HMI and SCADA products along with the ease and functionality of legacy DCS systems.


FTViewStudio Global Objects 2From the operator's perspective, the PlantPAx Process Objects appear as a popup window that is displayed when he clicks on certain parts of his HMI or SCADA user interface.

These “parts” typically represent motors, valves, or other such object which is being controlled by the automation system.

These faceplates include everything from status of the current device, to alarming information, to scaling and bypass capabilities, assuming the user has the rights to access these settings.

In most installations, security will be implemented to require a users to log in before any control or configuration features of the faceplates can be accessed.

Parts and Pieces

PlantPAx Process ObjectsYou wouldn’t know it by using them, but the PlantPAx Process Objects are more than just popup displays. Each one consists multiple parts, including:

  • Main “on top” display populated with global objects
  • Global objects used for multiple displays
  • Graphic images for buttons and various parts of the global objects
  • HMI tags (for use with Rockwell’s ViewME version of the displays)

How to get PlantPAx Process Objects

UPDATE: For the new 2017 procedure to download PlantPAx Process Objects for free click here.

While the PlantPAx Library of Process Objects are provided by Rockwell at no charge, since they are only distributed through Rockwell’s Knowledgebase via a “locked” document you're required to PlantPax Library of Process Objects Knowledgebase Documenthave a current Rockwell support agreement (aka Tech Connect) to access them.

If you do have “Tech Connect” level access you can get the latest copy of the Process Objects HERE (62682.)

EDIT: While the PlantPAx Library of Process Objects still requires a Tech Connect support contract to download, the Tech Note listed above is now viewable by the public, along with a summary document which can be downloaded.

I hope you found the above article explaining the PlantPAx Library Process Objects helpful. If you have any comments, questions, or corrections please don’t hesitate to leave them with us by submitting the “leave a reply” form at the bottom of this page.


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