The MicroLogix 1400’s LCD display allows access to many of it’s features and functions.

In today’s article, we show you how to use it to view and change Data File values.

Enabling Default Comms on the MicroLogix 1400

1) When the MicroLogix 1400 is powered on, it displays the I/O Status screen as shown below:

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-IO-Status2) To view or edit Data Files, we need to access the LCD menu. To do this, press the ESC button and you should see the display below:


3) Next, press the Down Arrow button once to select “Monitoring,” then press the OK button:

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Main-Menu-Monitor-Sel4) File number 3 is selected by default. To view or edit bits in file 3 press the OK button.

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Monitor-Menu-3-Sel5) Below you can see the value of B3:0/0. To change to another Bit use the Up Arrow button.

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Monitor-Menu-B3-0-06) We pressed the Up Arrow button four times in order to view B3:0/4, as seen below:

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Monitor-Menu-B3-0-4-Off7) To turn this bit on, start by pressing the OK button. Next, press the Up Arrow button once to change the value from OFF to ON.

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Monitor-Menu-B3-0-4-sel-on8) To return to B3 bit selection, press the OK button

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Monitor-Menu-B3-0-4-On9) To return to the file selection menu, press the ESC button.

10) To view or edit another file, press the Up Button. As you can see below, only S, B, N, L, and F files are supported.

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Monitor-Menu-4-Sel11) We pressed the Up Arrow button four times to change the file number to 7.

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Monitor-Menu-7-Sel12) To view N7, press the OK button. To edit N7:0, press the OK button again.

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Monitor-Menu-N7-0-sel-013) To change the value of N7:0, use the Left and Right Arrow buttons to select a digit, and the Up and Down Arrow buttons to change its value.

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Monitor-Menu-N7-0-sel-114) Once you have the value entered, press the OK button to return to the N7 word selection.

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Monitor-Menu-N7-0-Set15) To return to the I/O Status display, press the ESC button until you see the main menu, and then select “I/O Status” and press the OK button:

MicroLogix-1400-LCD-Main-Menu-Status-SelI hope the above procedure on how to use the MicroLogix 1400’s LCD display to view and change data files values was helpful.

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