Top New Products Revealed At Automation Fair 2015


Question of the Week:

What do you think will be the most popular new product(s) revealed at Automation Fair this week?


Automation Fair 2015 is now underway and in this week's “Question of the Week” I'm asking what you think will be the most popular new product(s) shown at the show?

In the poll below I've added several new products, but as I'm not at the show myself I'm sure there are many more.

So if you would like to vote for a product not listed below, please feel free to add it the poll by selecting the “other” option:

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Shawn Tierney
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Old Comment:

    • If I would have looked at the Automation Fair pictures I would have known about one of the new safety controllers. There is a 1769-L30ERMS pictured. I can only find two PDFs on the AB literature site.

      • Good afternoon Jeff,

        I haven’t see any info on the Compact GuardLogix yet, but if I do I’ll be sure to post a link,


        Shawn Tierney

  1. I’m also interested in the new L30ERMS. A cost-effective Ethernet CIP Safety compatible plc would be a huge plus! I look forward to your updates.

    • Good morning Jerry,

      I hope to hear from my local Rockwell folks soon, and will definitely share what I learn!

      Have a great day,

      Shawn Tierney